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The pictures below tell the story of a new kind of Data On-Ramp for businesses providing the capability for ON Demand connectivity. Repeated in a version using fewer details under the Menu listing for Overview, these provide an introduction to quickly constructed, secure connections for sharing data using an open and extensible architecture.

Overview - B2B Data Interfaces using Publish Subscribe Protocol

Construct new interfaces connecting systems at different companies or systems within a single company. "On-Demand" data exchange is possible after simple interactions with a WebService that manages source data and subscriptions to the data. PostOffice manages routing of data and protocols for data connections and security. Simple data events at the source trigger data flow between "Publishers" and "Subscribers" using lightweight implementation of Pub Sub Protocol .


Create New Topic for Publishing Data

Define a new publisher who is creating data and then publishing it on a specific Topic. These definitions cover all activities required to make data available in a virtual PostOffice (PO) after is has been created.

define a topic in order to publish on the topic

Subscribe to a Topic for Receiving Data

Add a new Subscriber to an existing Topic. So that any "data-has-been-created" events on that topic will result in the data's distribution up to the PostOffice and from there to the new subscriber

subscribe to a topic

Run Data Interfaces

See key in lower right side for details on this drawing.

publish and subscribe workflow