XML Transformations

Depending on the which connection types and which protocols are in use, file transfer implementations ( GridFtp, SSH, FTP ) and Streaming Data implementations ( WebServices for put and get Files, Upload Servlet, Client Polling ) provide a number of opportunities to hook the process to a standard XML Transform Factory. Server-side dispatch threads running CDC Commands mid-left hand side for dispatcher required for each subscription utilize translations after retreiving them from the subscription's propertySet in order to return only the DOM Element List required by that user on the data for that Topic. Client-side translations can be manually controlled and tweaked on the subscribers site via command line arguments used to start the Polling Console as explained in Examples Run Demo Track 3 and the property for util.template.xsl.

Step by Step thru an XSLT transformation of XML

Server-side XML translations depicted in the lower right-hand side of the Process Subscriptions OOA OOD Model Refer to the diagrams objects in the list:

  • TopicAction
  • ExchangeSession
  • Dispatcher
  • XSLT_Context

Xml Translation Process details below:

Remember that every Subscription to a topic is represented by a Channel Data Command ( CDC ) that encodes for both the connection's properties and the command to actually move data on the connection.

  • Exchange Session Manager does iteration on CDC LIST
  • next CDC passed to Dispatcher
  • Dispatcher uses TopicAction and CDC to build Association below:
  • LOOKUP XSLT instructions using above
  • Lookup Result is an XSL Template
  • get new XSLT Context on the Template
  • Dispatcher calls DataChannel for connection
  • Channel returns next available connection from Pool
  • Using XSL Template from above Lookup...
    • Dispatcher gets DataSource and requests a Server-side Translation
    • when the template is not NULLS a Transformer handles the DataSource
    • New Markup created for Subscriber
    • New Markup replaces original XML in DataSource implementation object
    • DataSource sent to Subcriber
Note: Gui not included for doing your XSLT mapping ( the studio type process that actually builds the XSLT Template ). However, there is no reason that Plug-ins such as Integration Engine XML Mapper could not be adapted within this framework.